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Kids can Enjoy Gardening Too

Kid Gardening

I’ve always felt that getting the kids involved in gardening was a great idea.  They have a lot of energy, which I can sometimes lack.  It’s a good experience for them to learn and interact with nature.  By helping them be successful and contributing gardening can instill in them confidence in other parts of life. The kids enjoy having an ...

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Hula-Ho Weeder Cultivator

Action Hoe

  The Hula-Ho, also known as saddle hoe, stirrup hoe, or push-pull hoe, is an invaluable tools to help dispense of the weeds in your garden.  I’ve owned one for many years and find it easier to manage than a traditional hoe.  It is much easier to work with because it is pulled beneath the soil instead of chopping at ...

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Companion Planting Tips for your Garden

vegetable garden

Scientists have tested some of this folk wisdom and have found this type of interplanting to be beneficial in several ways. Some plants repel or at least confuse insects pests while others attract beneficial insects that aid pollination or attack the bad bugs. Some plants supply additional nutrients to the soil that affect the growth and flavor of their companion ...

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Putting your Garden on Autopilot

gardening soil

Here are a few things that could help you maintain a garden with a little maintenance as possible. A thick layer of mulch helps garden beds retain precious moisture and prevents weed growth, so you’ll be able to spend less time watering and weeding and more time relaxing. Buy bags of mulch from your local garden center, or make your ...

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Mason Bees are the Gentle Pollinators

Of the 4,000 bee species in North America, Mason Bees are among the easiest to raise, while also being gentle and amazing pollinators. By raising solitary Mason Bees, we can increase their population. It’s a great way to supplement the stressed Honey Bee and sustain our future food supply. The following tips on creating safe havens for Mason Bees also protect our environment, ...

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What You Should and Should Not Compost


Here is two lists of materials.  One is a list of things you can compost, along with what they turn into.  the other is a list of things you should not compost. Materials You Can Compost Materials You Should Not Compost

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How to: Low Maintenance Garden Setup


When it comes to creating an easy to maintain garden you need to consider a few factors. Garden Location Soil Contents Plant Selection Accessibility Garden Location When deciding where you plan to do you gardening, consider a few factors. Sun pattern Availability of water Water drainage Sun Pattern Look for a location that is not too close to a house, structure or ...

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Vegetable Gardening Tips

Garden Planning

With the costs of living rising all the time, it may be possible to save money and increase your family’s health at the same time by growing vegetables in your backyard. It’s a good idea to choose your favourite vegetables to grow and plan beds for early, middle of the season and late varieties. Most vegetables require at least 6 ...

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3 Tips in Landscaping your Garden

Landscaping is usually a fairly big task, consuming much time and energy. But before you hire that professional, here are some tips that could save both time and money. 1. Spend some time thinking about exactly how you want the final design to be. You need to take account of the style and function of your landscape. Do you want ...

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Easy Tips on How to Care For Your Plants

Many people worry a lot when it comes to caring for their plants. When talking about house plants, there is no need to worry. There are just a few things you need to consider. 1. Watering Overwatering kills most houseplants. Looks can be deceptive, so to see if your soil is dry enough to water, try the finger test. Insert ...

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