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Hula-Ho Weeder Cultivator


The Hula-Ho, also known as saddle hoe, stirrup hoe, or push-pull hoe, is an invaluable tools to help dispense of the weeds in your garden.  I’ve owned one for many years and find it easier to manage than a traditional hoe.  It is much easier to work with because it is pulled beneath the soil instead of chopping at the soil.  I have found that it is more difficult to work with when the soil it damp.  Ideally, the soil will be dry.  The wetter the soil is, the more the blade will gum up with mud and weeds, which makes hoeing more difficult.  It also is better to weed while the weeds are smaller and the roots have not grown too deep.

One thing to look out for is weeding near plants with shallow, wide growing, roots.  You will want to keep a good distance from the plants, otherwise you will lose a few while weeding.

The blade will also need occasional maintenance.  The one I own is tapered a little to create a sharp edge to help cut through the weeds and soil.  It shouldn’t be sharped so much that it would cut someone though.

Alternative (DIY Option)

If you are looking for an alternative and are particularly drafty you can try this hoe.  It is very similar in design, but you can customize the length of the handle length.  I haven’t tried it, but I found this while I was looking for a video to go with this blog post.  Either of these will help, whether you have a small or large garden.

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