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Kid Gardening

Kids can Enjoy Gardening Too

I’ve always felt that getting the kids involved in gardening was a great idea.  They have a lot of energy, which I can sometimes lack.  It’s a good experience for them to learn and interact with nature.  By helping them be successful and contributing gardening can instill in them confidence in other parts of life.

The kids enjoy having an ownership over part of the garden.  A place that they control what is planted and how it is cared for.  With the guidance of a parent they can successfully plant, maintain, and harvest their very own crops.  I have found that it is best to start with a small area that they can easily access and not feel overwhelmed.  They will want to take on more, but this is where you come in and help them understand why starting small will be better for them.

“We’re trying to get more children interested in gardening and create more activities for them, The children enjoy it, and it’s fun to watch them enjoy it.  We learned about worms and how they help turn the soil when they wiggle, and that helps the plants grow, They also eat all the bad stuff like bugs and stuff that’s not good for the plants.  It’s an easy way to teach a child about gardening and how to care for their plants and this way they are able to carry it home, They feel so proud doing so, knowing it’s theirs.”

Kids dig into gardening | RecordCourier.com

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